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This repository includes source code for Cascading extensions for Accumulo developed by talk3 (Cascading 2.5.2, Accumulo 1.5.0).

cascading.accumulo is licensed under the Apache 2.0 open source license:

Examples for using the Cascading extensions for Accumulo are available at-

All examples include sample code, scripts, and data.
The following is a listing of examples and functionality covered-

example 1:
Demonstrates how to query data in Accumulo from Cascading.

example 2:
Demonstrates table operations like - create table, create table with splits, check if table exists, delete table & flush 

example 3:
Demonstrates how to dump data in Accumulo to HDFS from Cascading.

example 4:
Demonstrates how to export data in Accumulo to HDFS, after transposing to a flat, delimited format with column headers.

example 5:
Demonstrates how to import data in HDFS, in a flat delimited format into Accumulo.

example 6:
Demonstrates how to read data in Accumulo and write (back) to Accumulo - useful when you want to read-transform-write.

example 7:
Demonstrates how to export data in Accumulo into Mysql