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acutally fix deprec

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1 parent b3eb5cb commit 844a8e5026f4ea07dd9c1ab750d1931382b887d7 @mischa mischa committed Feb 19, 2009
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  1. +2 −2 lib/air_blade/air_budd/form_builder.rb
4 lib/air_blade/air_budd/form_builder.rb
@@ -199,9 +199,9 @@ def input_type_for(field_helper)
# but then your button would not be wrapped with a div of class
# 'buttons'. The div is needed for the CSS.
def buttons(&block)
- concat '<div class="buttons">', block
+ concat '<div class="buttons">'
yield self
- concat '</div>', block
+ concat '</div>'
# Buttons and links for REST actions. Actions that change

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