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How I configure the one true text editor.
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Latest commit b97494d @airblade Revert to Inconsolata.
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after/ftplugin Stop annoying ri/rdoc popups.
autoload Upgrade pathogen to 1270dceb1f.
colors Fix typo on grb3 colorscheme name.
.gitignore Manage plugins with voom. Link up voom and pathogen.
filetype.vim Remove redundant config.
gvimrc Revert to Inconsolata.
plugins De-bling the statusline.
vimrc Quick and dirty helper for Rails i18n.


I symlink my ~/.vim directory to this repo. Similarly for ~/.vimrc and ~/.gvimrc.

I use voom and Pathogen to manage my plugins. (I used to use git submodules but they turned out to be clunky and irritating.)

Learn more with PeepCode

If you want to learn more about Vim, I heartily recommend these PeepCode screecasts:

But don't take my word for it. Look at these Tweets instead.


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