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Papertrail is using super class instead of class #146

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I have a module named Page
and a Article that inherits from Page.

I inserted papartrail on the Articles module, but, when the version is created, it does not use 'Article' as type, but 'Page'.

Is there any work around for this?
I believe that the correct behavior would be storing 'Article' in the column in this situation.


Is Page a subclass of ActiveRecord::Base? And is Article a subclass of Page?

(I'm not sure whether you're talking about modules or classes.)


Everything is a model :)

I think it's more an active_record issue, I believe it calls for and not when creating polymorphics. It just seems an incorrect behavior for me, in this case at least.


PaperTrail should handle STI. When you reify a version of an article, what class is the reified object?


Hm... and what should do if event == 'create' and object is nil? And by the way reify return redundant db query I think it is not good. Why we can't keep STI class in item_type column?


This is how ActiveRecord behaves, and PaperTrail uses ActiveRecord for it's association handling. If you have an objection with how ActiveRecord handles associations in conjunction with STI, please file it against the ActiveRecord repo.

For the record, I don't disagree with your assertion, but I believe that the rationale behind the current implementation is that since all the records for a STI object are held in a single table, the optimal method of querying for the associated objects is simply to select by id, since the id attribute is indexed, and I would imagine that adding a type restrictor to the query probably doesn't actually optimize the query (or at least not enough to make it worth it).

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