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widget.previous_version.next_version should return widget #324

randoum opened this Issue · 1 comment

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randoum Ben Atkins

Just reacting to the documentation:

As an aside, I'm undecided about whether widget.previous_version.next_version should return nil or self (i.e. widget). Let me know if you have a view.

I strongly feel that widget.previous_version.next_version should return self, it is important as those methods can be considered as iterator pointers, and could be called within a loop. We expect nil when we reach the top or bottom ends of the iterator, but not when we reach the "live" object (the live object is still a position within the iterator, not a end).

Excelent gem! Many thanks for the hard work

Ben Atkins

This has actually been the case since version 2.7.1 (see #200). Looks like I forgot to update the README accordingly, good catch!

Ben Atkins batter closed this in 6893431
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