Some examples of how Airbnb uses Buck to build mixed target iOS apps
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This is a sample to show how to use Buck to build an iOS project with mixed languages (Swift & Objective C) at Airbnb.

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To Install

# Install Buck
brew tap facebook/fb
brew install buck

Running Tests

Press Cmd + U to run the unit tests for the ExampleApp target inside Xcode.

Or, from the terminal you can run make test.

Viewing Targets

You may run make targets to see a list of Buck targets available to build/test/etc.

Generating an Xcode Project

To generate the project from the terminal, just run make project. You can then run in the simulator or press Cmd + U to run the tests.

You may also use breakpoints, just like normal when using the generated Xcode project.


  1. gives a few examples on how we build CocoaPods with Buck
  2. is the main build file which shows how we setup resources/assets and build the final binary/ipa file.

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