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YARA Matches

When BinaryAlert finds a file that matches at least one YARA rule, it will save the match information to a DynamoDB table and send an alert to the NAME_PREFIX_binaryalert_yara_matches SNS topic (if it hasn't already).

You can also opt to notify a different SNS topic for files which did not match any YARA rules.

DynamoDB Records

All YARA matches are saved to a DynamoDB table. The table has two primary keys, AnalyzerVersion and SHA256. This makes it easy to find every match associated with a given file or, conversely, to find all matches from a specific :ref:`version <lambda_versioning>` of your BinaryAlert deployment.

A live_test will show you an example of the match record stored in the DynamoDB table:

    'AnalyzerVersion': Decimal('1'),
    'MD5': 'FILE_MD5',
    'MatchedRules': {'public/eicar.yara:eicar_av_test'},
    'S3LastModified': '2017-09-16 00:25:37+00:00',
    'S3Metadata': {'filepath': 'eicar_test_UUID.txt'},
    'S3Objects': {'S3:NAME.PREFIX.binaryalert-binaries.REGION:eicar_test_UUID.txt'},
    'SHA256': 'FILE_SHA256'

SNS Match Alerts

In addition to saving the DynamoDB record, an alert is sent to the NAME_PREFIX_binaryalert_yara_matches SNS topic when one of the following conditions apply:

  1. The file matches a YARA rule that was not matched in the previous version of the BinaryAlert analyzers, OR
  2. A new S3 object appears which is identical to an already matched binary.

Without these conditions, an alert would trigger for every match in every :ref:`retroactive analysis<retro_scan>`. Instead, an alert triggers only when there is a new match.


You must :ref:`add an SNS subscription <add_sns_subscriptions>` in order to receive YARA match alerts.

SNS Non-Match Alerts

If you'd like to be notified in real time when a scanned file did not match any YARA rules, enable the corresponding config option in terrform.tfvars and redeploy:

##### SNS #####
# Create a separate SNS topic which reports files that do NOT match any YARA rules.
enable_negative_match_alerts = true