A fast build system that encourages the creation of small, reusable modules over a variety of platforms and languages.
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Latest commit 6154cee Jan 11, 2017 @k21 k21 committed with facebook-github-bot Reenable integration tests for iOS installation
Installation of iOS applications on device has broken recently and
no tests caught it. Reenable the tests to check whether they would
have caught it.

Test Plan: CI.

Reviewed By: Coneko

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.idea Update ddmlib, android tools jars Jan 10, 2017
assets/android Package dummy libraries with native exopackage android_binaries May 22, 2015
bin dbuck: Make it portable Dec 16, 2016
config build_type library Dec 5, 2016
docs Simplify and consolidate Getting Started Jan 11, 2017
pmd Add lint check for java.util.logging.Logger Oct 28, 2016
programs Fix wrong parameter name Jan 10, 2017
py munger.py optimizations Nov 30, 2016
scripts Optimizations in the build comparison script Dec 21, 2016
src-gen Buck cache thrift calls now include distributed build status of command Jan 10, 2017
src/com/facebook/buck Remove a todo and clarify a comment. Jan 11, 2017
test/com/facebook/buck Reenable integration tests for iOS installation Jan 11, 2017
third-party Update ddmlib, android tools jars Jan 10, 2017
webserver [tracing] Fix built-in trace viewer in Chrome 43 May 29, 2015
.buckconfig Enable direct_to_jar spool mode Dec 22, 2016
.buckjavaargs Increase heap size. Sep 30, 2016
.classpath Update immutables. Nov 8, 2016
.factorypath Update immutables. Nov 8, 2016
.gitattributes `*.bat` files should always have Windows-style newlines Feb 16, 2016
.gitignore Add .nobuckcheck to .gitignore Nov 19, 2016
.inferconfig remove trailing comma in inferconfig Dec 29, 2016
.project Initial import. Apr 18, 2013
.travis.yml Make cxx complier location portable... Jan 10, 2017
.watchmanconfig Enable the dir cache by default Feb 4, 2016
CONTRIBUTING.md Remove contributing from user docs and put in GitHub repo instead Jan 10, 2017
DEFS Introduce more granular test labels for slow tests. Dec 14, 2016
LICENSE Try to make it easier to determine the license for Buck (Apache 2.0). Apr 30, 2013
README.md Add gap between "Build Status" Badges Jun 24, 2016
__init__.py Do not shell out to `zip` and `unzip` Mar 28, 2015
appveyor.yml Integration tests Nov 29, 2016
buck.iml Update ddmlib, android tools jars Jan 10, 2017
build.xml Add check for whether the soy docs compile Jan 10, 2017
checkstyle.xml Fix linter on Windows Mar 31, 2016
findbugsfilter.xml Fix findbugs perf issues Apr 7, 2014
windows_cxx_support.txt Support for compiling cxx shared libraries on windows (DLLs) Oct 7, 2016
windows_failures.txt sandboxing cxx sources and headers Nov 18, 2016



Buck is a build tool. To see what Buck can do for you, check out the documentation at http://buckbuild.com/.

Build Status Build status


To build Buck, run the following:

git clone https://github.com/facebook/buck.git
cd buck
./bin/buck --help


Apache License 2.0