@matthewwardrop matthewwardrop released this Oct 5, 2018 · 20 commits to master since this release

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This is another minor release with a significant set of improvements noticeable for the end-user.

Features and enhancements:

  • Main UI now restricts its maximum width and increases font size for better readability. [@matthewwardrop]
  • Landed the new kp script that replaces knowledge_repo for contribution by users (currently in beta, will deprecate knowledge_repo for these use cases in future versions; as well as the new FolderKnowledgeRepository which serves posts from any directory (#308) [@matthewwardrop]
  • Indexing stability improved by disposing of engine on child thread before performing operations. (#457) [@matthewwardrop]
  • Added support for subtitle field, made the document title distinct from h1, and made post header submissions (optionally) interactive (#460) [@matthewwardrop]
  • Added support for importing documents from Google Docs and programmatically creating proxy posts (#462) [@matthewwardrop]
  • Enable downloading of the portable knowledge format used by the kp script [@matthewwardrop]


  • Travis was configured to run on actual target Python releases (#456) [@naoyak]
  • Python 3.4 was temporarily disabled due to upstream issues in anaconda [@matthewwardrop]
  • Remove troublesome (and redundant) constraints on SQL fields preventing use in MariaDB. [@matthewwardrop]