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this method updates text on text layers.


  • If you're using glyphs, all glyphs for the new text must have been exported from AE.
  • For now, you'll need to find the path of the text you want to update on your own. (Example in next section)


anim.renderer.elements[0].updateDocumentData({t:'new text', s:20},0);

It accepts two arguments:

  • an object with the document data (see below supported properties and meaning)
  • index of the text keyframe. If the text source is not keyframed, you can skip this argument. If not skipped and the source text is keyframed, it will update the current source.

All supported properties:

  • t: text value
  • s: font size
  • fc: fill color - array with RGB values ranging from 0 to 1
  • lh: font line height
  • sc: stroke color - array with RGB values ranging from 0 to 1
  • j: justify
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