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How to Contribute

Interested in contributing to the Airbnb Ruby style guide? Awesome! Here are some guidelines to help you out.

Setting expectations: Although we love hearing from others who are invested in Ruby style, ultimately this style guide is used to dictate the code style within Airbnb. It isn't a community style guide, and as such we may reject issues or PRs that simply don't fit our internal engineering needs.

Pull Requests

PRs to the style guide should include a description of the proposal, including examples of what "good" and "bad" code would look like under the new rule, as well as a rationale for the rule in question. The description of the rule and the examples belong in If the rationale is anything other than "for consistency", it should go into a corresponding section in Style rules that are purely about consistency do not need rationales.

Individual rules should include, after the description of the rule, a link to that rule, and, if a rationale is being added to, a link to the detailed rationale.