Trebuchet launches features at people
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Trebuchet launches features at people. Wisely choose a strategy, aim, and launch!


Trebuchet can be used with Rails or standalone.

To use with Rails: gem 'trebuchet', :require => 'trebuchet_rails'


Trebuchet defaults to storing data in memory, or can be used with Redis or Memcache as a data store:

Trebuchet.set_backend :memcached
Trebuchet.set_backend :redis, :client => => '')
Trebuchet.set_backend :redis_cached, :client => => '')

A Rails initializer is a great spot for this. You may want to use a few other settings, either hardcoded values or procs (eval'd in the context of the controller):

Trebuchet.admin_view = proc { current_user.try(:admin?) } # /trebuchet admin interface access
Trebuchet.time_zone = proc { current_user.time_zone } # or just "Mountain Time (US & Canada)"


Trebuchet can be aimed while your application is running. The syntax is:

Trebuchet.aim('awesome_feature', :percent, 1)

Which will launch 'awesome_feature' to 1% of users.

Another builtin strategy allows launching to particular user IDs:

Trebuchet.aim('awesome_feature', :users, [23, 42])

You can also combine multiple strategies, in which case the feature is launched if any of them is true:

Trebuchet.feature('awesome_feature').aim(:percent, 1).aim(:users, [23, 42])

If you don't aim Trebuchet for a feature, the default action is not to launch it to anyone.


In a view, do this:

<% trebuchet.launch('time_machine') do %>
    <p>Welcome to the future!</p>
<% end %>

The code between do .. end will only run if the strategy for 'time_machine' allows launching to current_user.

You can also use it in a controller:

def index
    trebuchet.launch('time_machine') do
        @time_machine =

Custom Strategies

Trebuchet ships with a number of default strategies but you can also define your own custom strategies like so:

Trebuchet.define_strategy(:admins) do |user|
    !!(user && user.has_role?(:admin))

controller.current_user is yielded to the block and it should return true for users you want to launch to. You can use parameters with custom strategies too:

Trebuchet.define_strategy(:markets) do |user, markets|

Like parameters for builtin strategies, these can be changed while the application is running. For example:

Trebuchet.aim('time_machine', :markets, ['San Francisco', 'New York City'])

When using Trebuchet together with Rails, a good place to define custom strategies is in an initializer.

Visitor Strategy

Trebuchet can be used to launch to visitors (no user object present). First, set the visitor id either directly (in a before filter) or as a proc:

Trebuchet.visitor_id = 123

Trebuchet.visitor_id = proc { |request| request && request.cookies[:visitor] && request.cookies[:visitor].hash }

If you're using a proc, Trebuchet passes in the request object. It expects that the proc returns an integer. If it returns anything else, Trebuchet will not launch.