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ts-migrate is a tool for helping migrate code to TypeScript. It takes a JavaScript, or a partial TypeScript, project in and gives a compiling TypeScript project out.

ts-migrate is intended to accelerate the TypeScript migration process. The resulting code will pass the build, but a followup is required to improve type safety. There will be lots of // @ts-expect-error, and any that will need to be fixed over time. In general, it is a lot nicer than starting from scratch.

ts-migrate is designed as a set of plugins so that it can be pretty customizable for different use-cases. Potentially, more plugins can be added for addressing things like improvements of type quality or libraries-related things (like prop-types in React).

Plugins are combined into migration configs. We currently have two main migration configs:

  • for the main JavaScript → TypeScript migration
  • for the reignore script

These configs can be moved out of the default script, and people can add custom configs with a different set of plugins for their needs.

You can find instructions on how to install and run ts-migrate in the main package. If you find any issues or have ideas for improvements, we welcome your contributions!

Check out the blog post about ts-migrate!

Published Packages

Folder Version Package
packages/ts-migrate npm version ts-migrate
packages/ts-migrate-plugins npm version ts-migrate-plugins
packages/ts-migrate-server npm version ts-migrate-server

Unpublished Packages

Folder Description
packages/ts-migrate-example basic example of usage of the ts-migrate-server with a writing a custom simple plugin


Brie Bunge

Sergii Rudenko

John Haytko

Elliot Sachs

Joe Lencioni


MIT, see LICENSE for details.


A tool to help migrate JavaScript code quickly and conveniently to TypeScript





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