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Airbrake Documentation

This is a public repository for the Airbrake docs. Contributions welcome! Please make sure to review the Contributing guide. The circleci-docs project was used as a as a starting point, Thanks CircleCi!

The Airbrake Documentation is a static website generated by Jekyll. If you find any errors or would like to request a change or a new document, please feel free to contribute by following the instructions below. Or open an Issue detailing your issue/request.



  • Git - system version should be fine
  • Ruby - the version of Ruby currently being used with this project will be noted in the Gemfile. If you need to manage multiple Ruby versions, we recommend RVM though there are similar solutions you can use.
  • Jekyll - Jekyll version 3.

You're welcome to also use Bundler to install the Gems needed. If you are using RVM (or similar), just make sure they all play nice together.

First Run

To get a local copy of up and running you can run the following commands:

git clone
cd airbrake-docs/jekyll
jekyll serve

Jekyll will build the site and start a web server. It can be viewed in your browser at http://localhost:4000/docs/. To stop Jekyll and regain control of your terminal, just type CTRL-C. Jekyll knows when you edit a file and will generate the new version, the new version will render after a few moments/refreshes ;).

Editing Docs

All of the docs can be found in the jekyll/_docs directory. You can make any changes that you need there, If you add a new doc you may need to re-run jekyll serve to have Jekyll rebuild and serve your new doc.

Fetching instructions from example apps

In an effort to avoid duplicating installation instructions, several installation docs have a fetch script to pull the most recent instructions from official example apps. For example when the installation instructions for the react example app change, the instructions should be re-fetched with the following commands:

# Change to the react directory with our helper script
cd jekyll/_docs/installing-airbrake/airbrake-js/react

# Fetch a new version of the react instructions from the react example app

If you are contributing to an installation doc and you see lines like the following, you should check if there is a helper script to fetch the most recent install instructions from the example app:

# lines like these indicate there is a helper script to update the content
{% include_relative airbrake-js/react/ %}
{% include_relative airbrake-js/hapijs/server.js %}

Jekyll Commands

jekyll build - this tells Jekyll to generate the static files for the site, and place them in the jekyll/_site directory. It does not serve the files.

jekyll serve - this first runs jekyll build, then starts up an included mini webserver to serve the files from the 'jekyll_site directory.

jekyll serve --detach - this serves the site as before, but runs in the background so that you can still use the same terminal window. Jekyll will tell you which process ID belongs to it before it goes so you can use that to kill it when you want to stop Jekyll. kill -9 P_ID. If you lose the ID, you can run pkill -f jekyll to stop all Jekyll instances.

License Information

Documentation (guides, references, and associated images) is licensed as Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike CC BY-NC-SA. The full license can be found here, and the human-readable summary here.

Everything in this repository not covered above is licensed under the included MIT license.