Problems with some characters in git user name #103

tkrueger opened this Issue Jul 11, 2012 · 3 comments


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I have the git username "Thorsten Krüger" in my .git/config. When deploying with capistrano and airbrake, the ssh module complained about utf-8 characters during airbrake notification. After changing to "Thorsten Krueger" I still got an error. I could not deploy until I changed my user name to "thorsten". It seems umlauts and spaces in the username confuse the airbrake gem.


shime commented Jul 19, 2012

Hey! What do I need to do to recreate?

I've just ran rake airbrake:deploy TO=production USER="Thorsten Krüger" with success.


jasonmp85 commented Dec 6, 2012

I couldn't figure out how to add code to an existing issue, so I opened my own pull request. Please use that issue to discuss the proposed change.


alif commented Mar 29, 2014

Closing since #144 was merged to address this.

alif closed this Mar 29, 2014

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