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@duncanbeevers What are your thoughts on this / moving forwards as we update the javascripit app?

The way the JS notifier is written, it's well decoupled from the whatever app its used in. Specifically, the notifier reports directly to the Airbrake API servers via a JSONP GET, avoiding cross-origin request restrictions.

If people want to bundle the javascript into their app JS payload that should be easy, and the mechanism for doing so should be provided out of the box. This approach, while flexible, seems a little dangerous. People have three options for providing the JS notifier:

  1. Link to a remote script
  2. Bundle a local script
  3. Link to a local script

In all of those cases, we don't really want people futzing with client-side code. If they want to do that, they should pull the client side code out of the gem and put it into app/assets/javascripts with their local modifications.

Explicitly specifying the load path but not providing control of the loading mechanism (async download via document.write) sort of conflates the loading with the functionality of the script itself.

In short, I like the knobs, but I think they're on the wrong box.


@duncanbeevers cool, thanks for the clarification.

@alif alif referenced this pull request May 21, 2014

Remove JS notifier #297

shifi commented Aug 8, 2014

Closing this since we removed Javascript notifier from the gem.
@vpuzzella please refer to for further changes.
Thank you.

@shifi shifi closed this Aug 8, 2014
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