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After looking at the diff from my previous pull request with fresh eyes today, I noticed a subtle problem: I was unintentionally using params rather than the hash argument.

Technically, the params vs hash difference won't make a difference in most cases, but it should be consistent with the rest of the method. I've tested this on a staging instance and it behaved as expected.

Thanks for merging the other pull request so quickly; my apologies for not noticing this problem earlier and including it in the previous request.


yes, ben. this code is relevant to rails controller methods, so I don't think it makes difference if you use params instead of hash but it's cleaner in the method context.

is this variable assignment really necessary? can you please just use a one liner like hash.

This is also not safe from exceptions, so please add the rescue statement. I would prefer if you added it after the end statement so it's more DRY. your thoughts on this?

thank you for contributing once again

Both sound like fine ideas. I'll push some changes, likely this morning.



I've made the changes you requested. Sorry for the delay; this has been an abnormal week.

I've tested this using a Rails 3.1.2 app, the same way I tested my previous patch. Although I wouldn't expect the rescue refactoring to cause an issue, please note that I don't have a Rails 2.x app handy for testing.


Thanks! Merging.

@shime shime merged commit 0437a10 into airbrake:master Mar 2, 2012

np, thank you

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