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Sending notices to Airbrake manually from controllers

Kyrylo Silin edited this page Dec 22, 2015 · 7 revisions

DEPRECATION WARNING: The information presented on this page is related to Airbrake v4 only. If you seek for information for Airbrake v5, please refer to our README!

For the most part, Airbrake works for itself.

It intercepts the exception middleware calls, sends notifications and continues the middleware call chain.

If you want to log arbitrary things which you've rescued yourself from a controller, you can do something like this inside actions:

   # ...
   rescue => ex
     env["airbrake.error_id"] = notify_airbrake(ex)
     flash[:failure] = 'Encryptions could not be rerouted, try again.'

The #notify_airbrake call will send the notice over to Airbrake for later analysis. While in your controllers you use the notify_airbrake method, anywhere else in your code, use Airbrake.notify.

To perform custom error processing after Airbrake has been notified, check for env["airbrake.error_id"] inside your Rack middleware.

class AfterAirbrakeMiddleware
   def initialize(app)
     @app = app

   def call(env)
     status, headers, body =
     if env["airbrake.error_id"]
       body << "This error has been reported to Airbrake."
     [status, headers, body]

Note that you have to call Airbrake.notify method so it sets env["airbrake.error_id"], see Informing the user when errors occur

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