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Tracking deployments with Airbrake

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Paying Airbrake plans support the ability to track deployments of your application in Airbrake. By notifying Airbrake of your application deployments, all errors are resolved when a deploy occurs, so that you'll be notified again about any errors that reoccur after a deployment.

Additionally, it's possible to review the errors in Airbrake that occurred before and after a deploy.

When Airbrake is installed as a gem, you need to add:

Capistrano 2

# deploy.rb
require 'airbrake/capistrano'

Capistrano 3

# Capfile
require 'airbrake/capistrano3'

# deploy.rb
after 'deploy:finished', 'airbrake:deploy'

If you don't use Capistrano, then you can use the following rake task from your deployment process to notify Airbrake:

$ rake airbrake:deploy TO=#{rails_env} REVISION=#{current_revision} REPO=#{repository} USER=#{local_user}

You can also use Airbrake executable to notify your Airbrake app of the deployment:

$ airbrake deploy -k YOUR_API_KEY

Curl a deploy

If you would like to track a deploy via curl you can do so: Full details are in

curl -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d '{"environment":"production","username":"john","repository":"","revision":"38748467ea579e7ae64f7815452307c9d05e05c5","version":"v2.0"}' ""
Key Example
environment production
username john
revision 38748467ea579e7ae64f7815452307c9d05e05c5
version v2.0
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