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Use Case

Other Bethesda games, and perhaps other games from other publishers, have similar problems when it comes to installing modpacks. There's actually a really convenient place where you can see a list of games that might be able to benefit from this, though to be fair, many or most of those games are probably much easier for a broader tool like NMM to manage on its own.

Technically, there's not really much stopping a solution like this from being used to set up other games out-of-the-box. There are, however, atrocities like this line that arbitrarily make it harder to support this kind of stuff.

Proposed Solution

Audit the code, find inappropriately hardcoded stuff, and see if it can be made more generic without making it unreasonably less streamlined for the primary use case of Skyrim.

airbreather added a commit that referenced this issue Nov 13, 2016

Many small improvements.
Switching almost everything from "the Steam folder" to "the Skyrim folder".  Pack definitions for older versions of StepperUpper will continue to use "the Steam folder"/steamapps/common/Skyrim as a source for their files.
Auto-detecting Java folder if it's not given, and the Skyrim folder if a Steam folder is not given.  This makes the Java and Steam folders optional in most cases going forward.  Fixes #17.
Adding a "Game" attribute to Modpack elements to ensure that we always search the game's install directory for source files; now that the Steam folder is optional in most cases, this can let us push a bit closer to #6 which would really benefit from this tweak.
Adding an optional (enabled by default) pause at the end so the user has an opportunity to see the output; this is especially important now that we have a UI, because "double-click the EXE file to run it" is a real thing now.
Setting 7-zip process priority to BelowNormal to help keep the system more responsive.
Putting *.ahk files in their own subfolder.
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