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REbus demo agents
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REbus demo

About REbus demo agents

This repository shows a way to integrate a tool into the REbus ecosystem.

It comes with two simple tools implemented in and files.

These tools are then wrapped into 2 agents (stringer and hasher).

Another agent (grep) will look for regular expressions into the output of the stringer agent.

In collaboration with some REbus agents (inject, link_finder and unarchive)

Agent stringer

This agent accept /binary/ descriptors in input, run /usr/bin/strings on it, and push one /string/ descriptor per extracted string.

Agent hasher

This agent accept /binary/ descriptors in input and push their MD5.

Agent grep

This agent will look for a regexp in all /string/ descriptors and print it.

Running a demo

In tool mode

rebus_agent -m rebus_demo.agents hasher unarchive inject /tmp/foo.tgz -- return --short md5_hash

Should return something like

foo.tgz:bash = 5eaf5491c5b6c19f052989114ac70010
foo.tgz:bunzip2 = a11e41edfe37b736dc098e08c0f008dd
foo.tgz:bzip2recover = 8b57e17fa45c2e5f55cdbc6aa825f470
foo.tgz:cat = cb230279212b1a85f7d6b8b7c9aadd9b
foo.tgz:chacl = ebb0de6e2a2e3a24bd8d2a2db54a0414
foo.tgz:chgrp = 990e6c7372a2502fdb94a3de224a4064
foo.tgz:chmod = 2c5d1ebece7c36b5e0ddb6d3d784cd4f
foo.tgz:chown = 5c29ac84a213cb87cbbbd9a767c84983
foo.tgz:chvt = e7006732182a245d59a6e3d43576d2ae
foo.tgz:cp = 4f799b30bb0d1f3c1509d328d65446e5
foo.tgz:cpio = ef0e14ae9cf0dc8f54019530fcccf523

In infrastructure mode

First we have to launch the bus master and the agents we want to work with:

rebus_master dbus &
for agent in web_interface unarchive link_finder hasher stringer
  do rebus_agent -m rebus_demo.agents --bus dbus $agent &

Then we can inject a file with CLI (or with web interface):

rebus_agent --bus dbus inject /tmp/foo.tgz

Activity is visible on the web interface.

Finally we can use the grep agent to look for

rebus_agent --bus dbus -m rebus_demo.agents grep 12345
foo.tgz:cpio = 0123456789ABCDEF
foo.tgz:bash = 0123456789abcdef
foo.tgz:bash = 0123456789ABCDEF
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