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SD/MMC Analyzer for Saleae Logic
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SD/MMC Analyzer for Saleae Logic

** this is a fork of the original project by dirker **

This implements an SD/MMC protocol analyzer for the Logic ( software for Saleae logic analyzers.


In order to compile the code the Saleae Analyzer SDK is needed which can be download via the Saleae Community pages ( The code is tested against version 1.1.32 of the SDK.

Prior to compiling the SDK zip file should be unpacked into the directory containing the cloned sdmmc-analyzer repository, e.g.:


Mac OS X

Use the Xode project in xcode4/.


run ./


Not yet supported


Mac OS X

  • Configure Xcode to place build products in locations specified by targets
    • Xcode -> Preferences -> Locations Tab -> Build Location
  • Edit SDMMCAnalyzer Scheme to launch Logic upon debugging
    • Product -> Edit Scheme -> Debug -> Info -> Executable
    • Browse for (e.g. /Applications/
  • Configure Logic to look for the Analyzer Plugin
    • Launch Logic manually
    • Options -> Preferences
    • Under [For Developers], "Search this path for Analyzer Plugins"
    • Browse for the ../sdmmc-analyzer/xcode4/build/Debug directory
    • Click "Save" and close Logic
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