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Our full guidelines for publishing can be found here. Additionally, our FAQ which includes information on payment and the review process can be found here.

Our Philosophy

Airbyte is fully open by design. We share our roadmap, strategy and everything about our business model.

In this fashion, this repository is designed to share about our roadmap in terms of content publications, so you can vote on the articles, tutorials and videos we plan to work on, and also contribute them!


If you want to help push our content roadmap forward, the first thing to do is to join the #write-for-the-community channel in our Slack by clicking here.

Here are the different types of contributions you can help with.

This is how we differentiate the different types of publications:

  • Articles are pieces that will go on our blog, which are usually higher level explorations of the data engineering space, but not always.
  • Recipes are educational use cases to help Airbyte users understand how they can leverage Airbyte in data engineering, marketing, customer success, sales, finance and other use cases. You can see examples here
  • Operator guides are located in our documentation to help Airbyte users better leverage Airbyte with other tools of the data stack. Some examples are here.

Once you're submitted your content, you can move it down the different steps of the process in the community project here.

We look forward to seeing what the community requests and produces! We value the different ways that people use Airbyte and would love to explore all the possibilities that exist with the technology.

We are not looking for promotional pieces or marketing pitches.


Contribute and collaborate on educational content for the Airbyte Community.








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