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Airgraph-ng's purpose is to graph the txt file that is created when you run
airodump with the -w option

The idea is that we are showing the relationships of the clients to the AP's
so don't be shocked if you see only one mapping as you may only have captured
one client.


Airgraph-ng depends are as follows:

* graphviz with png support
* airodump-ng
* python > 2.7

The program usage is as follows

    airgraph-ng -i [your txt file] -o [the output file in png format] -g [CAPR|CPG]

I am happy to indroduce an option for graph types, there are two current
graph types:

CAPR or Client to AP Relationship
	This shows you all the clients attached to a particular AP

CPR or Client Prob Graph
	This showes you all the clients that are sending out probe requests for
    the same ESSID's
	;-) Fake AP any one?

Once you have airgraph-ng set up and installed I have included some test data
to allow you to quickly see if airgraph-ng is working. This data can be found
in the test directory inside the libs directory

Airgraph-ng sets graphviz to use the latin character set if this is a problem
for you please let me know. I did this to clear up a bug I had with the CPG

dumpjoin is a short support script that will allow you to join two airodump
CSV files into one. Run the program with no arguments to see the usage.

This is still a work in progress if you have questions contact TheX1le
at thex1le <AT>

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