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RealTek RTL8188eus WiFi driver with monitor mode & frame injection support
Branch: v5.3.9
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rtl8188eus v5.3.9

Realtek rtl8188eus & rtl8188eu & rtl8188etv WiFi driver

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Android aircrack-ng

This is a pure Realtek release, not from vendor but from all the Realtek multichip "bases" we've seen, this must be the newest, most stable and effective one. The performance and code quality has been improved and thats about time.

HowTo build/install

  1. You will need to blacklist another driver in order to use this one instead of the kernel provided. We included a "realtek_blacklist.conf" file in the folder:
  2. "cp realtek_blacklist.conf /etc/modprobe.d/"
  3. "make && make install"
  4. "rmmod 8188eu && insmod 8188eu.ko"


Use these steps to enter monitor mode.

airmon-ng check-kill
ip link set <interface> down
iw dev <interface> set type monitor

Frame injection test may be performed with

aireplay -9 <interface>

NetworkManager configuration

Add these lines below to "NetworkManager.conf" and ADD YOUR ADAPTER MAC below [keyfile] This will make the Network-Manager ignore the device, and therefor don't cause problems.







  • Implement txpower control

  • Finish up the elimination of the wrapper _rtw_memset. I didn't have more time after "rtw_beamforming.c"

  • Check code with (found in "tools")

  • There is a bug in monitor mode related to Network-Manager. This needs priority because it causes interferrence.

  • Add more VID/PIDS for all 3 chipsets supported.

  • Remove unused functions

more tba..
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