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AirDC++ Web Client

AirDC++ Web Client is a locally installed application, which is designed for frequent sharing of files or directories within groups of people in a local network or over internet.

The application can be installed on different types of systems, such as on file servers/NAS devices or normal computers. It's managed via a web browser with a responsive user interface.

Key functionality

  • Share selected directories with other users
  • Search for files
  • Save files on disk or view them via the browser
  • Chatting capabilities (group and private chat)
  • Browse directories shared by other users with a simple file browser interface
  • Extend functionality via AirDC++ Web API

Try the online demo

AirDC++ Web Client wraps the following subprojects:


Feature requests or questions?

The issue tracker can be used for feature requests and questions as well. You may also upvote existing feature requests to increase their likelihood for being implemented.