LGA Inventory schema for CKAN. Serves a schema-compliant XML document at /api/esdInventory.
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LGA Inventory schema for CKAN. Serves a schema-compliant XML document at /api/esdInventory. Further guidance around the format can be found at http://schemas.opendata.esd.org.uk/inventory/InventoryGuidance.pdf?v=

The document output is compliant with the XML format at http://schemas.opendata.esd.org.uk/inventory/inventory.xsd.


Generates XML using lxml; see Installing lxml for instructions.


Add the following to your CKAN config:

lga.inventory.opendatacommunities = http://opendatacommunities.org/doc/metropolitan-district-council/leeds
lga.inventory.description = Data from my LGA website.

You must change the OpenDataCommunities link to match the authority publishing the data!

CKAN Schema

Optionally modify the CKAN schema of your datasets to capture more information for the LGA:

  • The <Rights> node on a <Dataset> seeks the attribute:
    • dataset.license_url
  • The <Coverage> node in a <Resource> looks for the following attributes on resources:
    • resource.lga_coverage_spatial
    • resource.lga_coverage_temporal_from
    • resource.lga_coverage_temporal_to
  • The <ConformsTo> node (specifying a JSON schema URL) on each resource looks for the attribute:
    • resource.lga_conforms_to.