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BIP39 Ethereum CLI Signer

A pure javascript ethereum signer, completely offline and usable from your command line. No build needed, just checkout and install the dependencies.


  • BIP39 Wallet that uses a mnemonic phrase as seed
  • Hardware that runs node.js


  1. Clone this repository
  2. npm install
  3. Copy to USB-Stick
  4. Use on Offline-Computer
  5. node index.js for help


To sign a transaction:

node index.js createEthTx --from "0xf0D5c99463C6c69df86987A777f36d5748A13181" --to "0xc29F56Bf3f3978438dc714e83fdb57ea773ACa17" --nonce 0 --value 1 --gasPrice 21000000000 --gasLimit 21000

This will create a transaction for 1 ETH from 0xc2E87a289041fd0f04a954da6044ff8bb60927a4 to 0xc29F56Bf3f3978438dc714e83fdb57ea773ACa17. You will then be asked to supply your mnemonic phrase using a prompt.

You'll get the transaction to copy as raw text, or a scannable QR-Code.

Caution : If you use --mnemonic to supply your phrase, be advised that your phrase can be recovered from your bash/shell history.