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Neoplasticism Bot

This bot creates a 512x512 image in the style of Mondrian paintings (orthogonal black lines and primary color rectangles on a white field). An live example of this can be found at @neoplastibot on Twitter


  • Node.js
  • Node-Canvas
  • Express
  • Twit
  • MongoDB-node


node app.js to start the service.


  • -dry-run don't Tweet the canvas image. (Useful with -server to debug title generation)
  • -server serve the last created image and title as a web page. Default port is 8080 but can be changed by setting the PORT environment variable
  • -once run once and exit instead of setting intervals to run canvas creation and Tweeting.
  • -debug Instead of tweeting the image, create an image file and save it in images/, then exit (implies -once)
  • -open Used with -debug; open the image file immediately after creating.


See config.json for instructions for setting up Twitter API keys and the MongoDB url to save statistics about what has been created.


This software is copyright (C) 2015 Bradley Momberger and released under the MIT License. Full license text may be found at

Reproduction of the above (C) notice and link is sufficient to meet the standards set forth when redistributing, as are appropriate modifications to the above notice if using this software in whole or in part in another software project.

Portions of this software regarding canvas setup are (C) 2015 Paul O'leary McCann, license currently unknown.