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===== CODE JAM =====
Hello Judges!
Our application is a web based application which interacts with some servers in the backend. Start it with, stop it with must run these as root.
To run our application so you can evaluate it, you need to A) configure it, B) start the database server, C) start the server,
D) start the client, and E) view the website in a webbrowser.
Hopefully we will be able to set everything up so you can do the first four things easily by running the script in
the project directory.
==== Running the application ====
The application consists of 3 components.
- Redis database server
- C++ backend and protocol implementation
- Node.js web server + frontent
To run the Redis backend database, you must run
$ sudo redis-server /usr/local/etc/redis.conf
To run the backend, change to the project directory and run
$ ./C_server/serverTest -p 8211
To run the frontend, change to the project directory and run
$ node public/server.js
==== The other backend ====
We wrote two backends. One is hacky and fast and written in C++, please use it to evaluate us.
For style points and for fun, we also wrote a full fledged implementation of the backend in
node.js. It puts bids in the database in the exact same manner as the C++ one, so you can view it's
interactions using the same node.js frontend.
To run the reference Node.js backend (which is kinda slow in the face of C++ one), run
$ node server/ipo_server.js
==== Installation ====
Install node.
$ wget
$ tar xvpf node-v0.2.5.tar.gz && cd node-v0.2.5
$ ./configure
$ make
$ make install
Install npm
$ curl | sh
Compile the C server
$ cd C_server
$ make && gcc -o ./hiredis.o -c ./hiredis.c && g++ -O3 -Wall -o serverTest ./server3.cpp ./*.o
You should install npm. It's a package manager for node.
Install these packages using
$ npm install <package>
In production:
- redis
- express
- jade
- yaml
In development
- nodeunit
- coffee-script
- jitter
- hexy
==== Compiling Coffeescript files ====
Run `jitter . .` in your project directory.
==== Running Tests ====
Run nodeunit <testfile>.js