Another jQuery chained select plugin with support for data attributes and page wide caching
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h1. jQuery Chained Select plugin

Some small enhancements to Stanislaus Madueke's super existing jQuery chained select plugin found at :,
which is an enhancement to Remy Sharp's also great plugin fount at :

h2. Added Features

 * Page wide ajax and on-page result caching. If it appears on the page on load or is fetched once via ajax, it won't be again. Speedy.
 * Attachment and preservation of handy unobtrusive non-validating "data" attributes on options in the selects. Allows for advanced logic and or data to be built upon the chained selects.
   This is separate from the jQuery metadata plugin which can be used to configure the plugin.
 * General bug fixes and enhancements, jQuery 1.4 compatibility.