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Added a simple readme and credit to the deserving.

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+h1. jQuery Chained Select plugin
+Some small enhancements to Stanislaus Madueke's super existing jQuery chained select plugin found at :,
+which is an enhancement to Remy Sharp's also great plugin fount at :
+h2. Added Features
+ * Page wide ajax and on-page result caching. If it appears on the page on load or is fetched once via ajax, it won't be again. Speedy.
+ * Attachment and preservation of handy unobtrusive non-validating "data" attributes on options in the selects. Allows for advanced logic and or data to be built upon the chained selects.
+ This is separate from the jQuery metadata plugin which can be used to configure the plugin.
+ * General bug fixes and enhancements, jQuery 1.4 compatibility.
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