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jsp = require("uglify-js").parser
pro = require("uglify-js").uglify
muffin = require 'muffin'
fs = require 'fs'
crush = require './lib/crush'
utf8Length = require './lib/length'
option '-w', '--watch', 'continue to watch the files and rebuild them when they change'
task 'build', (options)->
files: './**/*.js'
options: options
'submission.js' : (matches) ->
muffin.readFile(matches[0], options).then (orig_code) ->
origLength = utf8Length(orig_code)
ast = jsp.parse(orig_code)
ast = pro.ast_mangle ast,
toplevel: true
ast = pro.ast_squeeze(ast)
minifiedCode = pro.gen_code(ast)
finalCode = crush(minifiedCode)
length = utf8Length(finalCode)
muffin.writeFile("build/minified.js", minifiedCode, options).then ->
muffin.writeFile("build/crushed.js", finalCode, options).then ->
result = "#{origLength} -> #{length} (#{(length/origLength*100).toFixed(1)}%)"
muffin.notify result, "Compiled bin successfully, length: #{result}"