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glob functionality for node.js
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node-glob - Globbing for Node

One day, in irc://

[4:46pm] _ry: it would be good to have a file system Glob functionality (to get an array of filenames)

// 9 months later...

npm install glob

(You can also install it by doing node-waf configure build and then linking or copying the folder into your project's node_modules directory.)

Wtf's a "glob"?

A glob is a pattern-matching syntax that shells use. Like when you do rm *.js, the *.js is a glob.

You can do nifty things with them.

Supported Environments

  • Macintosh OS X (Darwin)
  • FreeBSD
  • NetBSD
  • Linux
  • Solaris

If it doesn't work on one of those environments, please post a bug.


This is a binding to glob(3) and fnmatch(3). It includes a statically compiled port of the NetBSD glob and fnmatch programs, so it might not exactly match what #include <fnmatch.h> or #include <glob.h> implements on your system.

To load the library:

var glob = require("glob")



Search through the filesystem asynchronously.


  • pattern: String
  • flags: int, Optional (see below)
  • cb: function




glob(pattern, flags, function (er, matches) {
  // if an error occurred, it's in er.
  // otherwise, "matches" is an array of filenames.


Search through the filesystem synchronously


  • pattern: String
  • flags: int, Optional (see below)


Array of strings that match.


var matches = glob.globSync(pattern, flags) // throws on error


Test if a string matches a pattern. (no i/o performed)


  • pattern: String
  • str: String to test
  • flags: int, Optional (see below)


var isMatch = glob.fnmatch(pattern, str, flags)


The behavior of glob and fnmatch are modified by several bitwise flags.

The flags are defined on the main glob object. If you have an integer, and want to look up which flag it corresponds to, you can look it up on the glob/globSync functions if it is a glob flag, or on the fnmatch function if it is an fnmatch flag.

That is, fnmatch[fnmatch.FNM_CASEFOLD] === 'FNM_CASEFOLD'.

  • GLOB_DEFAULT Used if no flags are passed to glob() or globSync(). Equivalent of GLOB_BRACE|GLOB_LIMIT|GLOB_STAR|GLOB_MARK|GLOB_TILDE.
  • FNM_DEFAULT Used if no flags are passed to fnmatch(). Equivalent of FNM_PATHNAME|FNM_PERIOD.
  • GLOB_MARK Append / to matching directories.
  • GLOB_NOCHECK Return pattern itself if nothing matches.
  • GLOB_NOSORT Don't sort.
  • GLOB_NOESCAPE Disable backslash escaping.
  • GLOB_NOSPACE Malloc call failed.
  • GLOB_ABORTED Unignored error.
  • GLOB_NOMATCH No match, and GLOB_NOCHECK was not set.
  • GLOB_NOSYS Implementation does not support function.
  • GLOB_BRACE Expand braces ala csh.
  • GLOB_NOMAGIC GLOB_NOCHECK without magic chars (csh).
  • GLOB_LIMIT Limit memory used by matches to ARG_MAX
  • GLOB_TILDE Expand tilde names from the passwd file.
  • GLOB_PERIOD Allow metachars to match leading periods.
  • GLOB_NO_DOTDIRS Make . and .. vanish from wildcards.
  • GLOB_STAR Use glob ** to recurse directories
  • GLOB_QUOTE source compatibility
  • FNM_NOMATCH Match failed.
  • FNM_NOSYS Function not implemented.
  • FNM_NORES Out of resources
  • FNM_NOESCAPE Disable backslash escaping.
  • FNM_PATHNAME Slash must be matched by slash.
  • FNM_PERIOD Period must be matched by period.
  • FNM_CASEFOLD Pattern is matched case-insensitive
  • FNM_LEADING_DIR Ignore / after Imatch.



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