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* Further proxy fixes
* Fixed an bug when specifying a custom jQuery context
* Added JSDOM as a required package


* Fix when a 30x redirect is to another host
* Better HttpProxy support


* Fixed -f, --fork

v0.2.6 - v0.2.9

* Various fixes to CSV reading and writing
* Added an option to control whether JSDOM processes external resources
* When using JSDOM, don't run the callback until the window is loaded
* Ability to specify request encoding
* Added URL recursion


* Added the -m (--max) switch for overridding max concurrent requests
* Speed improvements when parsing HTML using getHtml and postHtml
* Moved validator, jQuery and htmlparser to ./vendor as submodules
* npm is no longer required to install
* Built-in modules are stored relative to the install dir
* Added url recursion and a helper for resolving and filtering links on a page


* Moved to the new node v0.4 request API with full HTTPS support
* Added the auto_retry option to improve code readability
* Callbacks are now called in the same scope as job methods (no more self = this)


* Removed daemon and expresso as a required dependencies
* Added --spoof for spoofing user agents
* Fixed relative Location header bug
* Moved soupselect to ./vendor as its package.json is broken
* Added more information to --debug


* Bug fixes
* Improved debug information for requests
* Added a new builtin - query


* Added JSDOM as an optional parser (for jQuery access)
* Added head() to make HEAD requests
* Added "io" as a command line alias
* Added a new builtin - statuscode


* Bug fixes
* Works with node >= v0.3.6


* Bug fixes
* Status messages are written to stderr


* Added [built-in modules](


* Web interface now supports CoffeeScript jobs
* Support for multiple jobs in the same file (see ./examples/
* Added the -u (--unpack) switch for decrypting jobs made with [packnode](


* Better support for multiple jobs running in the same process
* Basic web interface
* .coffee extension is auto-detected


* Bug fixes
* Added -d (--daemon) switch
* Added helper methods for setting/adding request headers
* Nested requests have cookies/referer automatically set


* Added new DOM element getters - innerHTML, rawtext and striptags
* Added the ability to specify a custom $ context - $(select, [context])
* Added odd() and even() traversal methods
* Added has() (see:
* Added job.parseValues() and job.writeValues() to simplify reading & writing separated values (e.g. CSV / TSV)
* Major refactoring
* Improved commenting and internal documentation
* Speed improvements
* Added Makefile (test / test-cov)


* Fixed incorrect handling of large streams
* Better support for request timeouts
* Bug fixes


* Added a -g (--debug) switch
* Minor bug fixes
* Added HTTP code handler - auto support for redirects, etc.


* Fixed an inheritance bug when not exclusively using CoffeeScript
* Added an -e (--eval) switch
* Updated .coffee compilation so it's compatible with command line switches
* Added a `proxy` option (see API)