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jQuery $.ajax for Appcelerator Titanium Mobile SDK


jQuery's $.ajax method is super useful and a great way to structure ajax requests and the callback schemes. Problem is, jQuery as a whole is a heavyweight library to load when you don't need any of the DOM manipulation awesomeness it provides, like in server-side esque javascript environments like Titanium.

Solution: extract the ajax method and make it use Titanium.Network.createHTTPClient, keeping the api exactly the same as $.ajax.


Include the tiajax.js file in your project in the app.js file to have access to it globally.



Use Titanium.ajax() or Titanium.Network.ajax() as you would $.ajax(). All the configuration options (including defaults) and callbacks (local and global) are available. Docs available at the jQuery API reference.

To use any of the more advanced functionality, call the methods you would normally call on $ on Titanium.Network. For example, to modify the default ajaxOptions used, call


instead of


If you have some existing code that uses jQuery.ajax, you should be able to drop in this library and set

$ = {}
$.ajax = Titanium.Network.ajax

in app.js, and it should work.

The same goes for the global callback setup, but if you are using these, please see the Caveats section below because there are API differences.

I've tested this on Titanium Mobile SDK


This wrapper a dependency on Underscore.js. Just that and vanilla Titanium.

For development, I've used CoffeeScript, which might make it hard to keep up with changes to jQuery, but its so much easier to write in. If you want to contribute changes, I'd love it if you made them to the .coffee file and recompiled the .js file.

jQuery Version

Note that this library is based on a now outdated version of jQuery.ajax. Titanium.ajax doesn't support Deferreds or any of the goodness available in the new jQuery ajax functions since jQuery 1.5. Sorry!


There are two significant issues with this code's API compared to the standard jQuery $.ajax API.

  • Synchronous XHR callback execution is unpredictably deferred This is a little bit of an issue for some developers who are using synchronous XHR requests. The validity of doing so aside, be warned! Usually when you make an XHR request, the script doesn't progress beyond xhr.send() until the onsuccess/onerror callbacks have been executed. Titanium's XHR implementation doesn't do this, and instead executes them somewhat asynchronously. The script won't progress beyond the xhr.send() line until the request is received and parsed, so your data will be available, but the outer script will execute before the inner callback script. See this ticket for an exact example: Titanium Lighthouse Ticket. Pretty lame if you ask me.

  • Global callbacks should be attached using the convienence methods only Titanium's event listeners (fireEvent and addEventListener vs jQuery's bind and trigger) work more like their DOM equivalents and only allow one argument to be passed to event handlers, the event object. jQuery's handy ajaxSend, ajaxError, ajaxComplete (all listed here) global ajax event handlers take several arguments in standard jQuery.

To attach global method handlers with signatures like this

function handleAjaxError(event, XMLHttpRequest, ajaxOptions, thrownError)

make certain you attach them by calling


and not addEventListener-ing them. If you do, you'll get one event object with the xhr, options, and error objects as properties on it. Not the end of the world, but I don't want you to fall into this trap and spend years trying to figure out why your callback isn't getting the arguments it expects.

Also, none of the $.get or $.load style functions are available. Feel free to add them yourself or ask me to if you are lazy and you need them.