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# transmission-client: A Transmission RPC Client

The goal is to support all requests described in the Transmission [RPC Specifications](

## Installing You need to have in you gem sources. To add it you can execute either

sudo gem install gemcutter sudo gem tumble


sudo gem source -a

To install transmission-client:

sudo gem install transmission-client

If you want to use EventMachine (optional) you need to install the eventmachine gem and igrigorik's em-http-request: sudo gem install eventmachine sudo gem install em-http-request

## Usage Get a list of torrents and print its file names:

require 'transmission-client' t ='', 9091) t.torrents.each do |torrent| puts end

To use the EventMachine driven interface:

require 'eventmachine' require 'transmission-client' do t = EM.add_periodic_timer(1) do t.torrents do |torrents| torrents.each do |tor| puts tor.percentDone end end end end

RDoc is still to be written, at the meantime have a look at the code to find out which methods are supported.