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A collection of bash scripts that display normal and severe weather reports pulled from National Weather Service.
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nsd_bbsss.txt       this   temperature, dewpoint, and humidity in F and C for AOS in Madison WI       takes a celsius temperature and gives the equivalent fahrenheit value     local forecast forecast for seven days, starting today   show google forcast for today from the Weather calendar in Google Calendar       show basic decoded metar information for a location     downloads the current RIDGE radar images from NWS      shows an abbreviated version of the state weather roundup product          shows an abbreviated report of solar activity displays temperature in degrees celsius and current conditions

------              displays current hazardous weather outlook and associated products      displays the current plublic information statement, if it exists            displays the current short term forecast, if it exists
    specialWeather displays any special weather statments, if they exist         displays thunderstorm watches and warnings          displays tornado watches and warnings

everday weather
---------------     shows system time and date as Thursday October 18 2012 for prettying up weather displays    displays the entire current state forecast     displays a roundup of current conditions across the state

winter weather
--------------          displays hazardous weather outlook including freeze warnings/advisories        displays current frost advisory if it exists        displays winter weather advisories
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