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"Semi-pristine" copy of last official Airmash app
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This repository contains the last available copy of the Airmash frontend app, as extracted from, with a bunch of edits intended to make things more readable and maintainable:

  • Tidied HTML (HTML tidy, introduced a bunch of bugs, was kindof a mistake)
  • Identified all the third party JS library versions in use and replaced them with canonical upstream releases, except for pixi.js which appears to have some kind of patches applied. Using official pixi.js breaks the HUD rendering.
  • Carved up all the original JS into files living under js/. Each file represents what appears to be one of the original source modules.
  • Reindented all the JS, and applied some highly selective use of to improve readability of some functions, particularly in graphics. The Git log details each use individually.
  • Modified the connection code to not rely on DNS layout. Instead it takes the websocket URL directly from games JSON file, which currently points at Steamroller's US dev server. These edits appear individually in the Git log, and have been tagged with // DERPS in the JS.
  • Hidden the login/logout links since there is no longer any backend to handle them
  • Server ping checks are disabled simply to avoid spamming the dev console when trying to figure out other issues
  • Print a nice error when WebSocket connections fail

This repository contains proprietary code

The original Airmash game was never published as free software, and so the 8,000 lines of non-library JS are covered by copyright. The copyright owner appears disinterested in updating Airmash, but that does not mean their rights have disappeared. Don't copy code you find here into projects you care about!

The existence of this repository is not even a grey area -- it's directly infringing. But it seems such infringement is the only option we have left to keep the game alive.

Pristine copies of the original assets are available under the tag.

Patches welcome

One reason I love Airmash so much is because it was such a beautiful piece of code. They managed to fit a compelling multiplayer action game in a web browser, that's really a work of art. I'd love to preserve that art as much as possible, but it's also important for the remaining Airmash players to work together to preserve what remains of the game.

So with that said, please assume quite a permissive policy with regard to what can be merged into this repository, and please understand this repository belongs to everyone.

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