FileMaker PHP API rewritten for PHP 5.5+
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FileMaker® PHP-API

FileMaker® PHP API rewritten for PHP 5.5+. It is compatible with PHP 7.0+ and uses PSR-4 autoloading specifications.


This version of the PHP-API add the following feature to the offical API :

  • Error handling using Exception (you can restore the original behavior using option 'errorHandling' => 'default')
  • PSR-4 autoloading and installation using composer
  • PHP 7.0+ compatibility
  • 'dateFormat' option to select the input/output date format
  • 'emptyAsNull' option to return empty value as null
  • Support setRange() method with PerformScript command (as supported by CWP)
  • A method to get the url of your last CWP call: $fm->getLastRequestedUrl()
  • A method to check if a findRequest is empty: $request->isEmpty()
  • A method to get the value list associated to a field from a Record: $record->getValueListTwoField('my_field')
  • EXPERIMENTAL 'useDateFormatInRequests' allow you to use defined 'dateFormat' in request (support wildcards and range)


  • PHP >= 5.5
  • (optional) PHPUnit to run tests.


Using Composer

You can use the composer package manager to install. Either run:

$ php composer.phar require airmoi/filemaker "*"

or add:

"airmoi/filemaker": "^2.2"

to your composer.json file

Manual Install

You can also manually install the API easily to your project. Just download the source ZIP and extract its content into your project.


STEP 1 : Read the 'Important Notice' below

STEP 2 : include the API autoload

require '/path/to/autoloader.php';

This step is facultative if you are using composer

STEP 3 : Create a FileMaker instance

use airmoi\FileMaker\FileMaker;

$fm = new FileMaker($database, $host, $username, $password, $options);

STEP 4 : use it quite the same way you would use the offical API...

...And enjoy code completion using your favorite IDE and php 7 support without notice/warnings.

You may also find sample usage by reading the sample.php file located in the "demo" folder

Sample demo code

use airmoi\FileMaker\FileMaker;
use airmoi\FileMaker\FileMakerException;


$fm = new FileMaker('database', 'localhost', 'filemaker', 'filemaker', ['prevalidate' => true]);

try {
    $command = $fm->newFindCommand('layout_name');
    $records = $command->execute()->getRecords(); 
    foreach($records as $record) {
        echo $record->getField('fieldname');
catch (FileMakerException $e) {
    echo 'An error occured ' . $e->getMessage() . ' - Code : ' . $e->getCode();

Important notice

The 2.1 release aims to improve compatibility with the original FileMaker PHP-API. However, you will need to changes few things in your code in order to use it

The major changes compared to the official package are :

  • Call autoloader.php instead of FileMaker.php to load the API
  • API now support Exceptions error handling, you may switch between those behaviors by changing property 'errorHandling' to 'default' or 'exception' (default value is 'exception')
  • There is no more 'conf.php' use "setProperty" to define specifics API's settings. You may also use an array of properties on FileMaker instanciation, ie : new FileMaker( $db, $host, $user, $pass, ['property' => 'value'])
  • All constants are now part of the FileMaker class, use FileMaker::<CONSTANT_NAME> instead of <CONSTANT_NAME>
  • Also notice that FILEMAKER_SORT_ASCEND/DESCEND have been renamed to FileMaker::SORT_ASCEND/FileMaker::SORT_DESCEND

You can use the offical PHP-API guide provided by FileMaker® for everything else.


  • Finish PHPunit test
  • Add functionnal tests
  • Improve parsers
  • Add new parsers
  • Documentation


FileMaker PHP API is licensed under the BSD License - see the LICENSE file for detail