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AirNotifier is a user friendly yet powerful application server for sending real-time notifications to mobile and desktop applications. AirNotifier provides a unified web service interface to deliver messages to multi devices using multi protocols, it also features a web based administrator UI to configure and manage services.

Hosted AirNotifier Service

If you need hosted AirNotifier Service to integrate with the most popular open source learning management system, please email We have a range of hosting options :)

Supported devices

  • iPhone/iPad devices (APNS protocol)
  • Android devices and chrome browser (FCM protocol)
  • Windows 8.1 phone (WNS protocol)
  • Windows 10 desktop (WNS protocol)


  • Open source application server, you can install on your own server, own your data
  • Unlimited number of devices and channels
  • API access control
  • Web-based UI to configure
  • Access key management
  • Logging activities
  • FCM for iOS/Android/Chrome


Please read Installation guide

Web service documentation



Copyright (c) Dongsheng Cai and individual contributors

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