A Ruby script to inspect and change the indentation amount of your source code.
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Indentinator is a script that inspects and changes the indentation in your source files. It is language agnostic. Indent your code the way you want.


Assuming you have ruby and rubygem installed, you can

gem install Indentinator

to install it.


indentinator [-c INDENT_AMOUNT] <file> [<file2>...]


      Modify the indentation amount to INDENT_AMOUNT. The value is either
      a number - in which case it indicates the number of spaces to use; 
      or TAB - which indicates to use tabs.

      Tell it the original AMOUNT of indentation to use 
      when converting the file's indentation. 
      Normally, this value is inferred by looking at the input.
      This option takes the same values as -c.

-i    Read input from stdin. This will ignore any file arguments.

-r    Replace the original file. Please back up your file or make sure you
      are using version control. Indentinator is not responsible for
      any damages; it just indents.

-v    Verbose output

-V    Very verbose output


Using indentinator with a file argument will tell you what amount of indentation the file uses.

$ indentinator lib/myapp.rb 
lib/myapp.rb uses 2 spaces.

Using with the -c option will convert the file to the desired indentation amount, and print the result to stdout.

$ indentinator -c 4 lib/myapp.rb

The -r option will overwrite the original file with the output.

$ indentinator -rc 4 lib/myapp.rb

Make sure you have the file backed up or source controlled first! I am not responsible for any damages.

If you want to read the input from stdin, use the -i option

$ cat lib/myapp.rb | indentinator -ic 4

If you use a mixture of indentation sizes in your source file, indentinator may guess wrong, which will in turn affect the conversion output. To tell it explicitly the original indentation amount for it to use during the conversion process use the -a option

$ indentinator -a 4 -c lib/myapp.rb

Totally Use it Inside TextMate and Stuff

If you copied a snippet of code from the internets, and it uses a different indentation then you, it will be helpful to use indentinator from within TextMate. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Go to TextMate->Preferences...->Advanced->Shell Variables, and make sure the PATH variable contains the location of the indentinator executable.
  2. Paste the code snippet into TextMate, select that snippet and hit Command-Option-R.
  3. In the Command: text field type in the indentinator command to use, for example indentinator -ic 2, which will take the selected text as input (from stdin) and output it with an indentation of 2 spaces.
  4. Click Execute.


  • preserve multiline string literals in languages that support them