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The code examples I demoed at JSConf 11 Portland.
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Tutti Code Examples

These are the code examples I used in the Tutti demo at JSConf 2011 in Portland. To run these examples, first make sure you have the prerequisite software installed:

  1. node.js
  2. npm
  3. tutti npm package (installed via npm install tutti, sudo may be required depending on your installation of npm)

Next, go to and create a room. Copy the URL when you've entered the room, and paste it into the places in the scripts where it says 'PASTE ROOM URL HERE'.

There are three examples: testing, autotest, and feature_detection. Here's how to run the scripts for each example:


cd testing
# edit runTests.js to substitute room URL
node runTests.js


cd autotest
# edit runTests.js to substitute room URL
node runTests.js
# now you need to actually edit the map.js and testMap.js files and save
# them to trigger a re-run of the tests.

Feature Detection(generate a browser feature comparison table)

cd feature_detection
# edit features.js to substitute room URL
open features.html

I hope these instructions are sufficient to get it going for you. If not, ping me on twitter: @airportyh.

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