Browserify Friend - it's as if browserify was built into the browser.
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Browserify Friend

Browserify Friend (BFF) - it is as if browserify was built into the browser.


npm install bff -g

Development Server

In a directory run:

> bff server
Serving contents on port 3000.

This will start a static file web server on port 3000 except that Javascript files will automatically get browserified.

Build the Site

In the same directory run:

> bff build
Successfully browserified your site in 'build'.

Now your site has been browserified within the build directory and it can be served by a static web server.


To try this out, start in a new empty directory. Let's install domify - a library to convert an html string into a DOM element

npm install domify

make an index.html file with just this

  <script src="index.js"></script>

Make an index.js

var domify = require('domify')
document.body.appendChild(domify('<h1>Hello World with Browserify!</h1>'))

Start the bff server

bff server

Navigate to http://localhost:3000 and see it work.

Now, if you want to generate the site so that it can be served via a static web server like Apache or Nginx, use the build command

bff build

Test it using the python web server

cd build
python -m SimpleHTTPServer

Navigate to http://localhost:8000 and see it work.


BFF configures Browserify to make all top level files requirable. This means you can do var domify = require('domify') in the development console. You can also require any .js file in your app using relative paths, e.g. var app = require('./app').