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(Vague) Jasmine 2.0 Goals/(Guidelines)

  1. No globals!
  • jasmine library is entirely inside jasmine namespace
  • globals required for backwards compatibility should be added in boot.js (EG, var describe = jasmine.getCurrentEnv().describe lives in boot.js)
  1. Don't use properties as getters. Use methods.
  • Properties aren't encapsulated -- can be mutated, unsafe.
  1. Reporters get data objects (no methods).
  • easier to refactor as needed
  1. More unit tests - fewer nasty integration tests

Remaining non-story-able work:

  • Make a TODO list


  • Finish killing Globals
    • Guidelines:
      • New objects can have constructors on jasmine
      • Top level functions can live on jasmine
      • Top level (i.e., any jasmine property) should only be referenced inside the Env constructor
    • Spies
    • isA functions:
      • isArray_ - used in matchers and spies
      • isString_
      • isDOMNode_
      • isA_
    • unimplementedMethod_, used by PrettyPrinter
    • jasmine.util should be util closure inside of env or something
      • argsToArray is used for Spies and matching
      • inherit is for how matchers are added/mixed in, reporters, and pretty printers
      • formatException is used only inside Env/spec
      • htmlEscape is for messages in matchers - should this be HTML at all? Is that * Matchers improvements
    • move AddMatchers to Env & global (away from spec)
    • make matchers unit-testable
    • write doc on how to make a matcher


Other Topics

  • Build - can we, should we redo the build and release process AGAIN in order to make it less arcane
    • Want to add JSHint to build
    • Use a standard JS/Node based concat system instead of custom Ruby?
  • Docs
    • JsDoc is a pain to host and RubyMine is pretty good at navigating. I say we kill it officially
    • Docco has gone over well. Should we annotate all the sources and then have Pages be more complex, having tutorials and annotated source like Backbone? Are we small enough?


  • lib -> generated