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Contributing to Testem

Open source is all about DIY! If you want something fixed, it's sometimes faster to just roll your sleeves up, not to mention lots more rewarding. This doc will give you some pointers on where to look when you poke around Testem's source code.

Brief Code Walk Through

testem.js is the main entry point of the program. It then delegates to either lib/dev_mode_app.js or lib/ci_mode_app.js depending on whether it's development mode testem or continuous integration mode testem ci. All of the rest of the Node application's source is under the lib folder. You can probably figure out the rest from there.

The source code for the browser side is under the folders public/testem and views

  • public/testem - is where the client side assets are (Javascript and CSS)
  • views - are HTML templates used to generate default test runner pages

Tests and Examples

To check that you didn't accidentally break stuff while mucking around, you can run the tests.

npm test

This runs the unit tests on the Node side of things.

Integration Tests

There are also some integrations tests that test running all the examples in the examples folder by cd'ing into each and executing testem ci

On Unix do


and on Windows do


Coding Style

This is where I am going deviate from the norm. I am a semicolon-less, leading comma kind of guy. It is unconventional, but there's is method to the madness. You are not required to follow my coding style. The only principles you should follow are

  1. Have fun.
  2. Be thoughtful of others.
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