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uncaught exceptions #136

Raynos opened this Issue · 7 comments

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They do not show up in testem error tab.


A specify exception?


Something like

var foo = undefinedVariable

test(function () {
    assert(1 === 1)

Basically all errors outside the test runners control. i.e. something that would make a node process crash and print to STDERR


Works for me using the tape example. You should see this

Screen Shot 2012-12-29 at 11 06 29 PM

Do you have a gist that can demonstrate this?


That's node, not browsers.

@airportyh airportyh referenced this issue from a commit
@airportyh Switched order of the testem.js script vs bundle.js, this allows test…
…em to register for window.onerror before the bundle.js has a chance to run so that top level errors can but reported back to testem #136.

I think I have the answer, assuming you are using tape and using my example as the starting template, the bug can be fixed in the custom test page by including /testem.js before bundle.js. Please confirm this and then close.


This may be the issue. I'll see whether I can reproduce this.


This problem is probably fixed. Works in node at least.

@Raynos Raynos closed this
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