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CI mode hangs if no test results reported #140

Raynos opened this Issue · 4 comments

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The phantomjs tests outputs TAP to console.log (stdout) but doesn't communicate with the testem server.

The ci command just hangs and doesn't do anything.

A useful default would be for it to just print the stdout TAP info.


Yup. Bug.


Take that back, not necessarily a bug. In this case since it's browser tests, the test runner is waiting for the events to come, which never will. For your case, you just need to get a tap-writing test runner working, let's work on that and this will naturally sort itself out.


Although this begs the question of: if you just want to use testem to run a script which does not report any test results at all (you just want to see its output to stdout or console.log), what should it do in ci mode? Thoughts?

@airportyh airportyh closed this
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