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schristley committed Oct 16, 2018
1 parent 17bd1c5 commit a6c7ad47db339152bd4b28b54f1d062e3c3b7311
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@@ -53,7 +53,6 @@ MiAIRR data set / subset MiAIRR field designation Data type Content format MiAIR
3 / process (nucl. acid) Library generation method string {"controlled_vocabulary": ["PCR", "RT(RHP)+PCR", "RT(oligo-dT)+PCR", "RT(oligo-dT)+TS+PCR", "RT(oligo-dT)+TS(UMI)+PCR", "RT(specific)+PCR", "RT(specific)+TS+PCR", "RT(specific)+TS(UMI)+PCR", "RT(specific+UMI)+PCR", "RT(specific+UMI)+TS+PCR", "RT(specific)+TS", "other"]} Generic type of library generation RT(oligo-dT)+PCR library_generation_method
3 / process (nucl. acid) Library generation protocol string Free text Description of processes applied to substrate to obtain a library that is ready for sequencing cDNA was generated using library_generation_protocol
3 / process (nucl. acid) Protocol IDs string Free text When using a library generation protocol from a commercial provider, provide the protocol version number v2.1 (2016-09-15) library_generation_kit_version
<<<<<<< HEAD
3 / process (nucl. acid [pcr]) Target locus for PCR string Free text Designation of the target locus according to standard gene nomencleature Constant region vs. V region amplification pcr_target_locus
3 / process (nucl. acid [pcr]) Forward PCR primer target location string Free text Position of the most distal nucleotide templated by the forward primer or primer mix IGHV, +23 forward_pcr_primer_target_location
3 / process (nucl. acid [pcr]) Reverse PCR primer target location string Free text Position of the most proximal nucleotide templated by the reverse primer or primer mix IGHG, +57 reverse_pcr_primer_target_location
@@ -15,7 +15,7 @@
'3 / process (cell)': 'CellProcessing',
'3 / process (nucl. acid)': 'NucleicAcidProcessing',
'3 / process (nucl. acid [pcr])': 'PCRTarget',
'3 / process (nucl. acid sequencing)': 'SequencingRun',
'3 / process (sequencing)': 'SequencingRun',
'5 / process (comput.)': 'SoftwareProcessing',
'6 / data (proc. seq.)': 'Rearrangement'}

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