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Section on Germline Gene Data Query and Download

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@@ -53,10 +53,20 @@ query and download AIRR-seq data.

+ VDJServer Community Data Portal

**Other Public Data Repositories**
**Other Public AIRR-Seq Repositories**

There are additional data repositories that provide access to AIRR-seq data but which
did not implement the ADC API for programmatic access. Information about some of these
repositories are provided in a `B-T.CR forum post`_.

.. _`B-T.CR forum post`:

**Germline Gene Inference and Usage**

+ OGRDB <../ogrdb/ogrdb> provides a list of alleles affirmed by the AIRR Community's
Inferred Allele Review Committee, together with supporting information.

+ `VDJbase`_ provides gene usage information derived from a growing base of AIRR-seq repertoires,
including inferred genotypes and haplotypes.

.. _`VDJbase`:

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